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About Quality Touch

Quality Touch Cleaning Systems is a systems-oriented cleaning company that specializes in floor service and restoration while fighting bacteria with sophisticated techniques and technology. It was born out of the Defy Ventures program which uses “entrepreneurship as a tool to transform legacies and human potential.”


We are committed to making your work environment the cleanest and safest it can be by cleaning beyond what the eye can see. We utilize ATP testing to quickly and efficiently test the cleanliness of workplace surfaces, then perform deep-cleaning services to rid your space of bacteria. If you’re interested in learning how our services differ from your average janitorial cleaning company, contact us today!


Quality Touch Cleaning Systems services contracts in San Diego and the surrounding area, for biotech labs, law firms, and medical & dental offices, to name a few. Our special attention to fighting bacteria beyond the surface-level makes Quality Touch a perfect solution for businesses concerned with meeting specific regulatory standards.



Timothy Isaiah Jackson, Jr. is the proud founder and CEO of Quality Touch Cleaning Systems. He heads up operations and training program certifications.


While serving a 17-year prison sentence, Timothy enrolled in the Defy Ventures program. During this time, he was also employed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) and given a seemingly impossible task: to improve the cleanliness of the Healthcare Department of the California City Correctional Facility to pass their audit. He, along with a crew of 13 other technicians, raised the pre-audit score of 33.4% to an astounding 98.6%, within just 3 months.


With a newfound passion for executing elaborate cleaning systems to improve the quality and overall morale of a facility, and the support of the Defy Ventures program, Timothy developed the business concept for Quality Touch Cleaning Systems. He brings that same passion with him to his business every day.


In February 2017, Timothy graduated from the Defy program on the same day as his release from prison. In the spring of 2018, he was invited to pitch his business to a Defy investment committee, composed of entrepreneurs recruited in the San Diego area. Timothy made such an impression on the committee that at the end of his pitch, they awarded him a grant of $7,000 to purchase equipment and supplies to grow his business.

In addition to his professional roles, Timothy plays a mentor role with several community organizations in North County San Diego, where he grew up: the Project Aware opportunity youth development program, the Oceanside Youth Partnership opportunity youth development program, the Vista Community Clinic’s Resilience Mentorship Program, and the Oceanside Promise community life building operation. He is also a proud alumnus of the Alternatives To Violence Organization. Timothy plays an active role in these community outreach programs to help save the lives of the disadvantaged and believes in making Quality Touch Cleaning Systems a viable employment opportunity for those people. For Timothy, it will always be about more than just business.