About Us

About Quality Touch

Quality Touch Cleaning Systems is a systems-oriented commercial cleaning company.  

Empowering our service industry to bring environmental excellence to work place environments throughout the world, is our mission! We believe safety, health and awareness is essential, and every work place facility environment deserves the service standard that fulfills this truth.

Quality Touch Cleaning Systems currently services the San Diego region in the following industries; Biotech, Law Practice, Healthcare, Youth Development and Sports. We are purposed to service beyond the surface-level achieving the perfect solution for businesses concerned with meeting specific regulatory standards.

The systems way

Timothy Isiah Jackson, Jr., founder of Quality Touch Cleaning Systems (QTCS), established QTCS in the Environmental Services industry, on the principal of "The Systems Way". 


Employed by the California Prison Industry Authority, Timothy was given a seemingly impossible task to improve a failing facility pre audit score to a cleanliness that would score high enough to pass an official audit. After developing and following through with a systems oriented strategy, Timothy along with a crew of 13 other technicians, would raised the pre-audit score of 33.4% to an astounding 98.6%, within just 3 months. 


"You should have seen the faces of the facility staff. They couldn't believe we brought the facility within the top 5 cleanest of all California state Correctional Facilities. We were all amazed actually. Without systems though, there was no way such a big task could have been accomplished with proficiency and quality in such a short amount of time! And so yeah, this was the very opportunity that birthed a newfound passion and purpose for executing efficient and elaborate cleaning systems." -Timothy Jackson


Empowered by the success of "The Systems Way", and inspired by the increased moral of facility staff, Timothy developed the business concept for Quality Touch Cleaning Systems to improve the quality and overall morale of facility environments by fulfilling service with a purpose.